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Today, our world is a world of speed and the change in technology, production methods , and the rapid development and continuous communication system and the online world . And well entrenched phenomenon of globalization dimensions of economic, social and political , and the constant change in consumer tastes in favor of the new items that meet the aspirations of individuals.
And in these circumstances and attributes , investors find themselves in a great reluctance to choose the field of investment who employ the money , and as well as the selection of the optimal investment tool that allows them to achieve the greatest return within a given level of risk.
And from spring to mind here the following problem :
On what basis is chosen field of investment , I wonder what is the ultimate tool that allows the investor to obtain the greatest return and less risk ?
In light of this confusion , we decided to offer a series of questions are summarized in the following points :
1 – What is the difference between the tool and the investment sector investment ? And what is the relationship between the two? ?
2 – What is the optimal tool and the most attractive by investors ?
And to answer these questions , we put a set of hypotheses :
1 – means the nature of the activity in the field of investment , which employs the investor money , but it is the market that the tool will employ the money. And the relationship between them is the relationship part of the whole, which means that a broader field of investment and broader than the word tool .
2 – trading securities occupies the first rank , and so is the tool most attractive by investors .
And to familiarize themselves with all aspects of the subject , we decided to divide the research plan into two chapters :
- The first chapter deals with the areas of investment , in turn, addresses the criteria for classification areas of investment , the first criterion is the geographic , the second is a qualitative criterion .
- The second chapter deals with the investment tools , in turn, is also divided into three sections , the real investment tools , financial instruments , and other tools .

I – the areas of investment :
Intended field of investment type or nature of the economic activity that employs the investor funds with a view to getting the return . In this sense , the meaning of the field of investment more comprehensive sense of the investment tool .
If we say that an investor employs his money in local investments , while hiring another investor funds in Alaalmalah , the foreign thinking here is heading towards the field of investment. But if we say that the first investor employs his money in the real estate market , while the second employs his money in the stock market , the Our thinking in this situation is heading towards investment tool . [1]
And generally , as different areas of investment , different investment tools also available in each area , and this is what provides the investor multiple investment alternatives allow him the opportunity to choose what suits him from them.
And it could be classified areas of investment from different angles , but the most important of these tabs recognized two types are: A – standard geographic areas of investment
B – qualitative criterion for the areas of investment.
Ⅰ -1 – standard geographic areas of investment :
Gating investments in terms of geography to local investments and foreign investments or foreign .
A – local investments :
Include all areas of local investment opportunities to invest in the local market , regardless of the tool used for investments such as real estate , securities and gold , and commercial projects .
B – foreign investments or foreign :
Include all areas of the investment opportunities available in investing in foreign markets , whatever investment tools used. And foreign investments are made by individuals and financial institutions either directly or indirectly .
If the investor Algerian example, buying property in London with a view to trading, or the Algerian government to buy a stake in the company , such as a global company over the Seeds , it is a direct foreign investment . But if that person has bought a stake in a portfolio of investment firm Algerian investing in New York Stock Exchange , in this case it is a direct investment abroad for the individual investor , and direct investment for the company .
The advantages and disadvantages of foreign investments : [2]
1 – advantages :
- Provide great flexibility for the investor to choose the investment tools .
- The principle of creating a better risk distribution .
- Featuring a variety of markets and sophisticated .
- Available in these markets and effective delivery channels active .
- Available specialized expertise of analysts and financial intermediaries .
2 – disadvantages :
- High degree of risk and related political circumstances .
- May have an impact on the national affiliation of the investor because it has been pursuing its interests abroad rather than investing at home.
- The possibility of double taxation .
- The risk that the purchasing power of the unity of cash and which arise from exchange rate fluctuations in foreign currency
Ⅰ -1-2 – qualitative criterion for the field of investment : [3]
Gating areas of investment in terms of type of asset for investment to other real financial investments .
A – real or economic investments :
Investment is a real or economically when the investor has the right to acquire real origin Kalakar , commodities , gold … etc. .
And the real origin intended each asset has an economic value in itself , and the consequent use of economic benefit additional appear in the form of a commodity or as a service , such as real estate . Either the arrow, it is a financial asset , can not be considered out of real because it does not entail the bearer the right to tenure at the origin of genuine, but to its owner the right to claim access to return .
Generally , all investments are accepted except for securities , investments are real , some so -called non- term investment in securities , as they are called by others term investments and business projects. And if the safety factor of the most important advantages of investing in real assets , the investor faces a number of problems where the most important:
* A different degree of risk for investment between the origin and another , because these assets are not homogeneous .
* Because of the lack of an effective secondary market trading of these assets .
* The investor shall have the indirect expenses are relatively high ( transport costs, storage … )
* Entail investment have specialized expertise and knowledge of the nature of the place of origin of investment.
Characteristics of real assets : the most important characteristics of the recall include:
Heterogeneous and is thus need to experience and skill and specialization to deal with .
Its intrinsic value , and have a tangible physical entity .
Enjoys a high degree of safety.
You get the benefit through the use
Investment by real investment leads to increased national income , and contributes to the formation of the country ‘s capital
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Consequent storage and transportation expenses in the case of goods , and in the maintenance condition of the property .